Monday, 29 October 2007

Finished the bags...

.... because the kids went back to school today - hooray!! A bit of peace and quiet, and a clean house does wonders for my creativity LOL!

So here are the 3 bags - one red, one denim, one "heather" - not sure who is going to get which one yet ;)

And here is a little close up of some of the flowers - I got all brave on this bag and did blanket stitch round the edges, the others I did running stitch on. I went rooting through my sequin and bead "collection" for the flower centres.

All I need to do now is find some bits and pieces to go inside the bags - probably a few smellies, a bit of choccy and some snowman soup... that's my next job, a batch of snowman soup LOL.

ttfn x

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