Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Another layout.....

I must have had a creative booster jab this past few days, as my creative side has decided to rear its normally absent head!!

Here is hubby in all his glory, with his ever present sunglasses! The photo was taken at Landmark near Aviemore, and I was half way up the fire tower - he was sat waiting for me and Tom to come down. I hate heights, and so I am so cautious when it comes to climbing up and down high things ;)

The photo has been played with in Photoshop CS, it was turned to black and white and then, using a history tool (?), the colour was put back in the sunglasses and a bit on his bodywarmer. (Not quite sure of the actual terms etc, seeing as Mark did it LOL)

Used bazill card, Scenic route papers (again, but I LOVE them!), Tinkering ink alphas and a prima birdie - all from a Scrap Studio kit :) - I then added a few prima flowers and I made the journalling spot from a lined index card.

I know the journalling is soppy, but Mark features so rarely in my pages that when I do a page about him, it normally turns into something quite mushy :) I take the poor bloke so much for granted sometimes... hopefully this will show how much I appreciate him, and that I do realise how much he has done for me, and that I really couldn't be without him ... As we never know what the future holds, there's no time like the present, eh?

I shall stop wiffling now,(as I am sure there will be someone out there in cyber space reaching for a sick bag), and also there is tea to make, and other such interesting household chores to attend to....

ttfn xx

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Linda said...

Wish I could get more motivated - my mojo seems to have deserted me just lately! I'm using sketches at the moment just to get some LO's done.

Great blog - hope you don't mind but you've been tagged - pop along to my blog to see what happens next!