Monday 27 August 2007

The little book of me..

I finished the cover to my book of me last night too, and thought it would be fun to put an Art Doll of me on the front LOL. I am quite pleased with the result, although it does look a bit scary with my head on it LOL. I want to put some ribbons on the spine too, but will wait till its a bit fuller so I can guage it a bit better.

Oh, and can you guess that my favourite colour is purple....??!!!! And I like stickles....


Eleanor said...

Purple, you don't say?
It looks like a lot of fun. I admire everyone else's art dolls, but when I do them, they look like I'm a preschooler on the junk glueing table.
I really must do a book of me - now that HS:MS has SPS, maybe I'll use those photos on a weekly basis. Look forward to seeing some of your inside pages.

** Paula ** said...

fab cover!!!

humbug said...

its so fab - i love it

but as snipper said - mine would look like a kid made it - yours is stunning

Melissa said...

THAT is just superb you clever little bunni!