Sunday 1 January 2012

Looking backwards, looking forwards...

December is always a busy month for me - working in retail means I am usually working more hours which leaves less time for everything else. And the blogging really fell off the radar this year. Big style. But I did have a good December. I spent a week in Dundee helping to set up a new store, which was a great experience, but exhausting. It hasn't done me any harm with the company either ;) I then worked the night shift the week running up to Christmas, sorting and counting all the customer food orders. I don't think anyone was left without a turkey this year ;)

So now the turkey leftovers have been eaten, and the bells have rung in the New Year, I thought I would come here to share my 2011 and my thoughts on 2012.

2011 wasn't a bad year really. Amidst all the uncertainty of what was happening with Mark's job, we carried on with the everyday life, trying to keep some control over something we really had no control over at all. As friends found out their futures in September, we still were no further on to finding out what the RAF has in mind for Mark. We still don't. So, for now, we carry on as normal.

Craft wise, I had a very good 2011. I was picked for 2 design teams - Sassy Lil' Sketches and Nuts About Sketches - both sketch blogs. Unfortunately Sassy Lil' Sketches closed in October :( but I am still on the NAS design team. I was lucky to have projects published on the online magazines of and ScrapStreet, ticking off another of my "to do's". But I think the highlight of my scrapping year was to be asked to do a sample layout for the PageMaps blog and newsletter in November. I have been a long time fan of Becky Fleck and her sketches, and this for me was akin to meeting royalty!!! I was really proud of the layout I produced as well.

So, on to 2012.  With the view that sometime this year we will be moving, I am trying to get more organised. Purge and de-clutter are the new watch words for my year. I really want to make the whole house moving thing a bit easier by being prepared. Wish me luck!! So I am trying to be more organised by using planners and calendars and post it notes. We shall see how long it lasts, eh?

Something else I have been trying to incorporate into my routines, is some kind of exercise. I am very anti exercise LOL. To be honest, I have been blessed with a very low maintenance body LOL. But I do know that I need to change my attitude to exercise, especially after the year I've had regarding my health. Some weird and wonderful symptoms reared their head in 2011, and after several consultants appointments and an MRI scan, I have been told that essentially all my systems are normal. However, I am still having symptoms. I was put on medication before Christmas which has seemed to help with my ability to cope with the symptoms I am getting, so I am actually more positive for 2012. But I do realise my body is not as young as it used to be, and with me reaching the big 4-0 this year I think that I will need to start taking care of myself a bit more. So that means some sort of exercise...

Craft wise, this year I just plan to continue as I did last year. I am keen not to take on too many commitments, and I have a nice pile of UFO's (Un Finished Objects) that I really want to either complete or let go of this year. I am still working on my craft room, trying to pare down my supplies so I have only what I use and not what I think I will use ;)

So in essence, this year is going to be all about organising and simplifying. I am also hoping that by doing this, we also curb our spending a bit. I am planning to do a wee bit of shopping in the sales - I have some vouchers from Christmas to spend, and I would like to treat myself to some new essentials with the extra wages I earned in December. But no scrapping supplies LOL. Now THAT is going to be a challenge...