Wednesday 2 July 2008

Tagged, teachers gifts, LO, cards and dodgems....

... phew, lots to do today !!!

First things first - I was tagged by Jo (thanks, I think LOL) so here goes...

What was happening 10 years ago: Hmmm, July 1998... Well we were living in Forres, I was working part time in a local petrol station, and I was trying to get pregnant LOL, which by the end of July I was ;)

5 things to do today: Just 5??? OK, pick 5 from this lot.... Pay off visa bill, washing, ironing, get some ice cream for pudding tonight, blog (!!!!), make a wedding anniversary card, sew a button on some trousers, clean the inside of the car, sort clothes for holiday....

Snacks I like: Chocolate, obviously LOL - especially Mint Aeros, Minstrels and Revels hmmmm. Oh, and I am a bit partial to Lime and Coriander poppodums ;)

What would I do if I was a millionaire: Well, seeing as we are in a married quarter, I would first go and buy a house, nice and big, with room for a designated craft room, which I would then kit out :) I would also buy myself a little car - never owned my own car before. Then, if there was any money left I would buy a small holiday home in Christchurch, New Zealand :)

Places I have lived: Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Forres, Gibraltar and Kinloss. Plus Peterborough, Doncaster, Kettering, Rotherham and Sheffield on placement during Uni.

So thats me, so now I have to tag some other people, so I choose,


Right, on to the next thing - teachers gifts :)

Nice and simple this year - buckets with a selection of goodies inside, like candles, chocolate, handcream etc. I just wrapped the buckets in sellophane and tied with ribbon. I have a couple of tags for the kids to both write on :)

Next up, a LO - I have not scrapped for over a week, which is quite unusual for me, I have enjoyed doing at least a LO a week this year, although I have completed alot more :)
Another LO for NZ vol 2 :P These seals were on rocks just off the side of the main East coast road, as we travelled from Picton to Kiakoura.
I used a pagemap from my lovely Pagemaps for scrapbooking book - this is based on page 20's map :)

I used Doodlebug papers, a scrap of white card, foam Thickers, PM page turns and brads, and some trim and a siler rimmed tag that I think came from one of the first Funky Kits kits !!

Next up a couple of cards :

First off, a wedding card for Mark's cousin whose wedding we are going to in a few weeks time :)
I used Papertrey inks "Piece of cake" set :) The card is silver, so I used white ink to stamp the cake flowers as a background, and to stamp the main cake image. Then used purple to stamp the flowers onto the cake :) I added some pearl tulip paint on the purple flowers, and some lilac organze ribbon :) The scan has not done this card justice, it looks better in real life ;)

The second card I made for my brother and sister-in-law, whose wedding anniversary is on the same day as the wedding we are attending LOL
I used a Sugar Nellie Little Cotton Rabbit stamp, as the pair of them are bunny bonkers - they have 3 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs :) I used a Studio G butterfly stamp for the border, and after watercolouring, added some Stickles to the wings :)

Well thats all the creative gumph out of the way, and seeing as my teamies over on UKS have been asking, here is a photo of me enjoying the dodgems at the Summer ball last Friday night :) Unfortunately you cannot see my dress properly, as I had my jacket on at this point - the alocohol hadn't warmed me up just then LOL

Cheerio for now, I am off on my hols on Friday, and won't be back for 3 weeks :) A bit of sunbathing in Turkey, followed by theme parks and a family wedding - plenty of photo opportunities and I am taking my holiday journal too :)