Sunday 19 April 2009

What a week...

Easter Sunday was spent at a Christening. Eva was adorable and so happy - even when she got wet LOL. The party after was great fun, and included water fights and BBQs and lots and lots of beer....

Monday, the kids were back at school - yay - but meant I got to see 7.30am again - boo. I started back at Pilates, so felt very virtuous as exercise had been ticked off my list for the week :)

The week continued on as normal, at 100 miles an hour with various after school activities and such like. Then Thursday night our external hard drive decided it had had enough - it is less than a year old. It has all our photos on it. The last time we backed up was September 08. Lessons learned the hard way. We have arranged for the hard drive to go to a data recovery service, and hoping the money we are paying results in us getting the majority, if not all, our data back. Something we could do without right now, but like I said a lesson learned the hardway. Backing up is not an option.

Yesterday was Jemma's birthday party - we had planned to take 4 of her friends ice skating, but then found out on Tuesday that the ice rink was closed this week for a hasty rearrangement was made - same time and place, just a different activity - we took the girls swimming instead! The girls had great fun, the worst part for me was the getting dressed after - I thought that my 10 yr old was slow, but when you have 5.... We took Jemma and Tom to McD's for tea after, and then it was back home to let Jemma open her presents before she headed off to the church hall for a Guide sleepover. She is walking to the Scout camp site today to pitch tents, and light a fire to cook lunch on, before attempting the low ropes course there. She is going to be taking her Promise there this afternoon aswell, becoming a fully fledged guide. Then we are off to a BBQ with the Scout group. It is a lovely sunny day outside, let's hope it stays that way!

So, no photos to share, and not alot of crafting going on - I have done a DLO this week, but it is for Mark's military album, so I can't share or else I'd have to kill you and shred you LOL. Off to take Mark a coffee in bed, and try to persuade Tom that he needs to have some breakfast...



Friday 10 April 2009

Jo, you were right...

...there was no Simple at Borders :( I'll just have to make do with the May CK that came last week ;)
Monster VS Aliens was brilliant, the kids loved it - lots of laughing out loud moments! It was made better by the Ben & Jerry's fudge sundae I had too...

Today I have been mostly shopping - first it was a trip to the manic Asda's to do the weekly shop. Mark took the kids (and a tin of polish) to Cooper Park, so I didn't have the "joy" of them coming round Asda's too... I met them in town, and we went to Jimmy Chungs for a chinese buffet - and I am still stuffed now LOL. Tom was very adventurous, trying lots of stuff - Jemma had mostly prawn crackers and Chicken Maryland.... We then found a nice little figurine to give as a Christening gift on Sunday in one of the gift shops. All in all a successful trip :)
Mark decided to wash the car when we got home, and 3 and a half hours later it was gleaming inside and out... I am wondering how much bird poo will be on it in the morning though....

Tomorrow we are hoping to go for a walk at Culbin, weather permitting, and the plan is to picnic on the beach with hot chicken and fresh bread from Tesco's LOL. We'll see how that turns out...

I leave you with my LO for the weekly challenge my UKS team are setting in a few weeks time. I won't give away any of the criteria, so not to spoil the surprise, but I enjoyed doing this LO - it has a few more things on it than I usually put on pages, I really am a simple girl at heart (no comments please!)

Hoping you all have a good Easter weekend, with lots of sunshine and chocolate :)

Thursday 9 April 2009

Favourite LOs of the year so far...

I know, 2 posts in 2 days, it's a flood after a drought LOL

I thought I would share 2 of my favourite LOs that I have done so far this year. I did them whilst on my scrapping weekend with the girls from Fraserburgh. I was inspired by an article in the March/April issue of Simple Scrapbooks (so sad that this has stopped being published, it is my favourite magazine) all about scrapping babies. I haven't really done any scrapping of the kids as babies. And not any LOs as tiny babies. I thought it was about time that I scrapped their birth stories, and also about how they came about their names. So inspired by the ideas and the LOs in the mag, I came up with these 2 LOs (I did do 4 altogether, a birth story and name story for each child, but these 2 are my favourites!)

This LO tells the story of how Tom got his middle name - he was born on St Patrick's Day, so we gave him Patrick as a middle name. The LO is a lift of a LO by Wendy Smedley in the mag.

This LO tells Jemma's birth story, and is a scraplift of a LO by Stephanie Howell - the little flower on the right hand side is a tab which is attached to an A4 piece of paper on which I typed out the whole of her story.
This is one of the cards I have made over the past few days, and is a cardlift of Tiets' card here.
The image is a Sugar Nellie stamp I bought last year, and I stamped it and coloured it in and then didn't know what to do with it... The papers are all scraps from K&Co, Sassafrass Lass and Dovecraft.
I have always admired the way that some people can put so many different papers onto one card, but I have always thought it could be a bit OTT, and as I used to sell cards, the cost of it was always in the back of my mind. But I don't sell my cards anymore, and it's taken me a few years to get over the burn out caused by making cards on demand, and now I am enjoying the process again and revelling in making cards to send to friends and family. I still find it easier to lift someone else's design though....

The house is full of sounds of children bickering, only a few days left and it's back to school for them on Monday. Tom has an ear infection, so he is a bit grotty but the antibiotics are starting to kick in now, so he should be back to normal in a day or so. We are off to watch Monsters VS Aliens this afternoon at the cinema in Inverness, I am sure I can pop into Borders after to see if they have the last issue of Simple Scrapbooks ;)



Wednesday 8 April 2009

Erm, I am still here, honest...

.... I never promised to be a regular blogger, but I didn't think I would be this rubbish....

So, what's been happening at Chez Yoo since October....

  • Mark came back from the sand pit in one piece
  • Christmas - a quiet family one
  • New Year - another quiet family one LOL
  • We spent a weekend in Applecross on the West Coast of Scotland, a la Monty (well not quite, we did stay in a cottage next to the sea but it did have electricity and running water LOL )
  • I spent a weekend in a big country house with 7 other crafty girls (plus one adorable baby) scrapping my heart out
  • We went to Glasgow for a few days for sledging, Dr Who, Science and IKEA
  • Tom got his Lil Dragon black belt, and Jemma has decided after a year of watching, that she wants to get in on the act... now where did I put those oriental script papers....

2008's final LO count was 101, and so far in 2009 I have done 42 LOs, and my target is 100 LOs for the year. I have been trying to scrap on a regular basis, and have also returned to doing a bit of card making, inspired by Tiets and Marlene from the Sugar Nellie DT - infact I have been doing a spot of cardlifting, makes a change to scraplifting LOL. I have purchased some promarkers, although the jury is still out as to whether I like them or not, I may have to get a few more colours, as my palette is quite limited ;)

My Library of Memories is looking good, although I still haven't set up the system completely - the photo side of it is still half finished, but I am happy with the photos as they are for now. I am pleased with the album side though, and have added a 5th album, which will be home to LOs of Mark during his military career. I love mixing the sizes in the 3 ring albums :)

I finished my New Zealand albums - 2 12x12 albums, 80 pages in total :) We love to look through them, I am glad I persevered and saw it through.

I have a plan to start my next holiday album - our trip to Disneyland Paris in October 2006. I have been inspired by an album in the Simple Scrapbooks book "Albums in an evening" where I saw a disney album which showed the favourite photos/moments from the trip. I think thats the way to go for me, and I hope to do a similar thing. I have a spare 8x8 album (after emptying it into the LOM ) earmarked for it.

So that's me, and where I am at right now, still here, still crafting, still taking photos and still spending on stash!!! I would say that I'll be a regular blogger from now on, but knowing me it'll be October again before I do another post....