Thursday 25 June 2009

Eeeeeee gads..........

............ another couple of months have whizzed by without me even noticing. Not alot of crafting going on here, but certainly a few other things...

  • Mark got his promotion :)
  • Jemma and Tom are now both orange belts in Tang Soo Do, and both came home with cups from a recent competition - bring on the Scottish Champs in September :)
  • both sets of parents have visited in the last month
  • external hard drive has been returned, with almost all of the photos on it, the only major file missing is all the photos from Glasgow, which I am pretty bummed about :( But, hey, it just means we have to go again to re capture ;)
  • been looking at houses, almost bought one, but fell through, so staying put for now and actively looking :)

Yesterday was the Freedom of Forres parade - RAF Kinloss is 75 years old this year, and to celebrate the base was given the Freedom of Forres :) The weather was beautiful, but felt for the poor lads in their heavy wool uniforms, and the Pipe band major with a huge furry busby thing on his head. It was great to see the whole town and beyond line the main street and applaud our servicemen, we don't seem to openly appreciate our armed forces in the UK, which is a shame as they sacrifice alot, some of them pay the ultimate sacrifice :( I wish we had the US mentality sometimes, they really do appreciate their guys ;) But as a military wife, it was so nice to hear other people applauding, brought a lump to my throat. Then we sat in Grant Park on the slopes, and watched the Red Arrows do a 25 minute display right over our heads :) They were fantastic. I took the camera, but my little bridge camera probably wasn't the ideal camera to take, still not enough zoom, so when I upload I'll probably have photos of lots of blue skies with tiny dots in it LOL.