Sunday 31 August 2014

Uncle Fred

I'm excited to announce that I have been picked for the Nuts About Sketches Design Team for the Sept 14 - Feb 15 term!!! I absolutely adore working with Shawn's sketches, and I am a second time returning alumni (that sounds so fancy, doesn't it?) so this term marks my third stint with the Design Team. 

This is the layout I submitted as my application for the team.

It is based on the sketch from week 324. I adapted it into a 8.5 x 11 page layout. I love mixing up the sizes of my pages.

Uncle Fred was my Gran's brother. Fred was the closest sibling in age to my Gran - exactly 7 years between them. Yes, my Gran was born on Uncle Fred's birthday. I think Gran was the surprise baby - the last of 13 children. The story goes that Uncle Fred was most disappointed, as he was hoping for a football for his birthday, but ended up with a baby sister LOL.
Gran loved visiting Fred in his home in Bournemouth. A life long bachelor, he was a butcher by trade, owning his own shop. My Gran always loved to spoil him, baking him cakes and pies that she took with her when she visited. He loved his garden, and was very proud of his flower displays. Gran shared his love of gardening.

Gran always seemed to have her camera on her, and when she died I inherited all of her photos. She took so many photos of everyday life, and her visits to Fred were no exception. One of the photos is of Fred and his neighbour, who ran errands and got shopping in for Fred. Not exactly the type of photo that you would expect to be taken, but Gran took loads like that. And this was before the digital age of photography, She captured life with her 110 film or her 35 mm film camera. Sometimes all she had was a disposable camera. She just loved taking photos. And I am eternally grateful for that. I may not know who is captured in her photos, but I love that it was important enough to her to capture those moments. And I am lucky enough to get to scrapbook them :)

So, starting tomorrow, you can see my layouts for the design team :) Hope to see you popping by :)


Sarah x