Wednesday 8 April 2009

Erm, I am still here, honest...

.... I never promised to be a regular blogger, but I didn't think I would be this rubbish....

So, what's been happening at Chez Yoo since October....

  • Mark came back from the sand pit in one piece
  • Christmas - a quiet family one
  • New Year - another quiet family one LOL
  • We spent a weekend in Applecross on the West Coast of Scotland, a la Monty (well not quite, we did stay in a cottage next to the sea but it did have electricity and running water LOL )
  • I spent a weekend in a big country house with 7 other crafty girls (plus one adorable baby) scrapping my heart out
  • We went to Glasgow for a few days for sledging, Dr Who, Science and IKEA
  • Tom got his Lil Dragon black belt, and Jemma has decided after a year of watching, that she wants to get in on the act... now where did I put those oriental script papers....

2008's final LO count was 101, and so far in 2009 I have done 42 LOs, and my target is 100 LOs for the year. I have been trying to scrap on a regular basis, and have also returned to doing a bit of card making, inspired by Tiets and Marlene from the Sugar Nellie DT - infact I have been doing a spot of cardlifting, makes a change to scraplifting LOL. I have purchased some promarkers, although the jury is still out as to whether I like them or not, I may have to get a few more colours, as my palette is quite limited ;)

My Library of Memories is looking good, although I still haven't set up the system completely - the photo side of it is still half finished, but I am happy with the photos as they are for now. I am pleased with the album side though, and have added a 5th album, which will be home to LOs of Mark during his military career. I love mixing the sizes in the 3 ring albums :)

I finished my New Zealand albums - 2 12x12 albums, 80 pages in total :) We love to look through them, I am glad I persevered and saw it through.

I have a plan to start my next holiday album - our trip to Disneyland Paris in October 2006. I have been inspired by an album in the Simple Scrapbooks book "Albums in an evening" where I saw a disney album which showed the favourite photos/moments from the trip. I think thats the way to go for me, and I hope to do a similar thing. I have a spare 8x8 album (after emptying it into the LOM ) earmarked for it.

So that's me, and where I am at right now, still here, still crafting, still taking photos and still spending on stash!!! I would say that I'll be a regular blogger from now on, but knowing me it'll be October again before I do another post....



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Mrsjobee said...

Yay - you're still alive!! Well I knew that realy seeing as I saw you the other day - good to see you back in blogland.