Monday 13 August 2007

Feeling better today

A bit more upbeat, but not very creative!

Managed to upload another large order from Photobox - of all my heritage photos, and all the slides I scanned in when my parents were up in June (all my baby photos are slides, and I am now lucky enough to have the first photograph taken of me aged 3 weeks.) I am also waiting on another photo order to arrive, to update our normal photo albums plus a few enlargements for me to scrap! So when they all arrive I will have no excuse whatsoever to get the paper and glue out!

I am also waiting on some 12 x 6 albums - I ordered a red one to do for my Dad as a 60th birthday pressie, and 2 for me (one vertical, one horizontal) as I really do fancy experimenting with this size. I have fun with the 8.5 x 11's I do, and as I have a lot of 6 x 4 photos, this size is perfect if I only have a single photo. Multi photo LOs still tend to be 12 x 12...


Melissa said...

we need to see these albums filled up!!!

** Paula ** said...

Glad you are feeling better hun x