Friday, 16 November 2012

Ummm, yeah.

Sorta fell off the face of the Earth again, didn't I?

How can it be November already? It was just my birthday last week, right? It is scary how fast time is going this year. And before we know it, it'll be December 2015 and time for us to return to the UK. I am trying so hard to enjoy the new experiences, but they are whizzing past me at a million miles an hour, sometimes I forget.  Now the initial excitement has worn off, and we are into the school routines and after school clubs, it feels like we have been here forever. I still have pangs of homesickness, and flashes of "OMG we live here", but I am more settled than I thought I would be. The weather has cooled down - it has dropped in temperature over 20 degrees C since we arrived. Yes, it is still in the high teens and low 20's which is positively tropical for the UK, but it feels cold to us now.  I am happy to be able to wear my jeans and jumpers again, and I have justified my "crazy" boot purchases in the summer by wearing all 3 pairs!

I started the Couch to 5K running program at the beginning of September, and can now proudly say that I can run 3 miles non stop without collapsing :) It has been hard work, but well worth it, I feel so much better for it, and the visits to IHOP are less of a guilt trip ;)

I am going to try really hard to keep up to date.  I have a few DT layouts I want to share, and a few other crafty projects that I have been working on too.  I have a nice list of Christmas crafts I want to make, starting with a wreath for the front door.... I am thinking of doing a December Daily of sorts too - my local Target has 8x8 We R Memory Keeper albums and divided page protectors... I have plenty of Christmas papers in my stash, and now with my trusty iPhone, I am never short of a photo or twenty....

Speaking of which, I'll leave you with a shot from our recent trip to Orlando.

Life is good :)

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Erika said...

Good to have you back, sounds like you're having a ball.
Hugs Erika.