Sunday, 3 January 2010

One Little Word 2010

I have been a reader of Ali Edwards' blog for a few years now. I last chose a word in 2008, which was balance. I find it hard to find balance, and I have been trying very hard, but in the last 3 months I think "juggle" was a more appropriate word for me, especially with 2 kids who have an active after school activity programme, and with me getting a part time job. I am still actively striving for balance, but decided to choose a new word for a new decade.

This year my word is "create". Now I know that this word is used as inspiration on the walls of many a craft room - and I have no problem with that - but this word is not just to do with my creativity in my craft room. I had many words on my shortlist - renew, restart, organise amongst others - but decided that create was the word I kept coming back to. The last few months have seen new beginnings for us - a new house, new job, new school, new friends - a chance to create a new life. So this year I want to create a warm and beautiful home in our new house, I want to create a good impression at work, I want to create new friendships and I want to encourage the kids to create new friendships too. I want to create the time to enjoy our new life, and to create a balance between home and work, and to allow myself time to craft and scrapbook. I also want to create a perfect crafting haven for myself! I also want to create memories, create masterpieces in the kitchen, create a small vegetable patch, and a herb garden. Looking at my list, it looks like I may have to create a few more hours in the day LOL. But I'll be happy if I manage a few of these things, as I see this word as something I can work on for a few years - I'm still working on the balance that I chose 2 years ago...

TTFN xxx

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