Monday, 4 January 2010

From Hopeman to Burghead...

....and back. We took the opportunity to go out for a walk yesterday, I have been working alot over the holidays, so this really was the first chance we got to get out and about. We went for a walk along the Moray Coast Trail, down the old railway tracks from our village of Hopeman to Burghead - about 2 miles away.

First family photo of the year, using my new gadget a Gorillapod which Mark bought me for Christmas. We secured it to an old bench and set the timer!

There was lots of ice and snow around, much to the kids delight, and we found a little waterfall that had lots of icicles hanging over it. The kids found some huge ones later on, and Tom was in his element making weird and wonderful noises as he fired his new "ice gun" at everyone.

This is the view from the playpark at Cummingston, which is about half way.
We were glad of a hot chocolate break at Burghead, and the kids and Mark explored the beaches on the way home, although the tide was in and they couldn't go into some of the caves they found.
It's been a strange old holiday period for us, Mark has been off for 2 weeks, but I still had to go to work. A lot of the things we did last year - lighting bonfires on the beach, Boxing Day walks, and generally getting out the house - we haven't been able to do as a family, or Mark has done them with the kids when I'm at work. Hopefully when I get my new shift pattern at work we can get back into a routine of going out and exploring - with the scenery around us its a shame not to make the most of it!
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