Thursday, 21 January 2010

Finishing what I started

I am terrible, my Mum always told me that I had to finish one thing before I could start something else - but something always catches my eye and I flit around with fingers in several pies and never finish anything.... So it is my mission to search out all my unfinished projects and finish them. Not that I am saying that I won't start new stuff inbetween however.....

This word book was started before we moved house - now we moved in October, and I packed up my craft cupboard in September, so you can see how long its been in progress! But yesterday I decided to print off the remaining photos I needed, and stamp some more journalling spots and finish the darn thing! And I did :)

I used My Minds Eye Laundry line, love how it is embossed and glittery, without it all coming off on your hands LOL. I used photos from 5 generations, going back to my Great grandparents and forward to my 2 kiddos. The journalling spots are a Prima stamp, and I used lots of Prima flowers to embellish with a few pearls in the centres :) I love having all my family in one little book :)
My Photobox order arrived today - very speedy seeing as I uploaded and ordered them this time yesterday ;) So I shall probably end up going through them this afternoon, and finding new projects to do when I know I have old page kits (some half done) waiting to be completed....
Then it's off to work, but I have the weekend off (first weekend off since I started working in October :) ). Mark is going away on Sunday, so I think we are going to be having a family day on Saturday. Jemma is at a football tournament on Sunday, maybe I should remember to take my camera.... She is so not a girly girl!!