Thursday 27 March 2008

Not alot of crafting going on...

... in fact not a lot of anything going on around here atm. Jemma has been off school for 4 days now, with high temperature and sore throat, and the diagnosis was suspected tonsilitis... But by the time I get her to see a doctor it appears to be clearing up by itself.... typical !

Me, well I am completely shattered by the end of the day, my energy levels have sunk to a low which I haven't seen in a long time, just hoping that its a short lived thing, and that next week will see me bounce back to normal:) Although the kids have their "easter" holidays next week for 2 weeks, no holiday for Mum I bet ;)

The only thing craft wise I have done this week is mount all my unmounted rubber stamps onto EZ mount - which took a while, and seriously hurt my hands! Very sticky stuff that, good job I didn't use my best scissors eh?!!




** Paula ** said...

Oh Sarah, hope Jemma gets better soon - sending cyber hugs your way xx

Mrsjobee said...

Hope Gemma is on the mend - playing the Wii will speed up her recovery!!