Thursday, 2 December 2010

Toot toot!!

Happy December! The Big Freeze continues, although the kids are now back at school after having an extra long weekend! I managed to get into work on Tuesday, but it nearly ended in disaster - when I got to the car, the locks were frozen up! I must have looked a right sight, as at one point I was crouched down trying to defrost the lock by blowing into it.... Good job it wasn't that cold that my lips got stuck to the car door, now that would have been embarrassing...

Anyhoo, I am just popping by to blow my trumpet!

A bit of background - October was a grim month, what with the government announcements on defence cuts, and all the uncertainty that came with it regarding Mark's job and our future. I came back from our trip around the country in 8 days feeling tired, dejected and a little bit low. I couldn't even face going in to my craft room, let alone be creative. But, being the message board junkie that I am, I still checked out UKS and 2 Peas to catch up with online friends, and see what was going on. Imagine my surprise when I got a message in my inbox at 2 Peas. I NEVER get PeaMail LOL. I was even more surprised to see that I was being asked if I'd like to submit a layout of mine for publishing at Magazine! The shock! I could not believe it. But I said yes, and wrote a short article to go with the layout.
And yesterday I got an email from Jami, saying that my project was online.

You can find it here.

So that's something struck off my bucket list - to be published LOL.

I'll be back later to share some layouts, and my December album...




jennyap said...

Woohoo, that's great! Fab layout too. I had the exact same thing happen to me for their November issue, so I know how good it feels when it come out of the blue like that :)

Erika said...

Well done Sarah and great news. I think your very brave going out in this weather!

** Paula ** said...

Toot Toot indeed - well done you - very well deserved - fab layout!!

Heard a tip for frozen locks, although not sure if it works as i haven't tried it - apparently putting hand sanitizer on it works!!