Sunday, 28 November 2010

One snowman and his dog...

... went to mow a meadow? Hardly, in this winter wonderland LOL. The first snowfall of the winter, and for us on the coast to get enough to make a snowman means that there is alot of snow about! Now, I don't exactly hate snow, but I am not a lover of the stuff either - snow is pretty to look at, and fun to play in, but if you need to get anywhere, then it is a nightmare. Not being able to walk to work means I get really uptight when it snows, as I hate driving in it. It's not that I don't have the confidence, it's more like I have little confidence in other drivers, especially 4x4 drivers who think they can drive normally in horrendous conditions.

But luckily, this weekend, we haven't had to drive anywhere - and with it being my weekend off I haven't had the stress of worrying about driving into work either. So I have embraced the snow, and had some fun with the kids.

Yesterday we built our first snowman of the season - an Arthur lookalike - with his faithful companion, who has no name, although Tom was thinking of something suitable.

This weekend was supposed to be the Hopeman Crop, but seeing as the weather is so bad, it was cancelled. It was going to be our Christmas Crop, so Erika set us the challenge to make something Christmassy - either a layout, card or anything else as long as it was paper LOL.

So I made this.

I had an empty tin which originally was a candle, and I covered it with Crate Paper "Snow Day", and added some flowers and diecuts to the lid. Then I cut out the "joy" from a Sizzlits set, the reindeer which is Quickutz, and a couple of punched snowflakes. I stuck them to some wire, then spiralled the wire round a pencil to make like springs, and then stuck them into the lid. I added some ribbon round the centre of the tin, and I put some chocolates inside the tin. I think it'll make a nice ornament this Christmas!

Although the crop is cancelled, Erika has some homebaking that she needs some "help" with, so I am going along the road to enjoy a couple of hours of crafting and muffins LOL. I just need to snowproof my craft supplies and stick my winter gear on...



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** Paula ** said...

Oh Sarah this is fab - such a great idea xx