Sunday, 5 September 2010

Rugby and date nights

Tom came home all excited last week, with a letter asking for permission for him to attend an afterschool club - now he is in Primary 4, he gets to join clubs! - and it was for Rugby. Jemma goes to these sessions too, but she is a Sport Billy and loves any sport, Tom isn't that interested in sport apart from his Tang Soo Do. So I was a bit surprised, but signed the form anyway, as he was really keen. The first session was Friday, and it became apparent very quickly that Tom's ball skills are decidedly lacking, so I went out on Saturday and bought a cheap rugby ball so he could practice with Mark in the garden.

Mark knows next to nothing about rugby, but he ended up going along to the session as a parent helper. As I sat watching him and Tom throw this ball back and forth in the garden, and listen to Mark as he explained to Tom what he had to do, I realised that Mark can teach just about anything. He is a qualified swimming teacher, he is an instructor at work, so he has the skills to teach in any situation. He helps the kids with their martial arts practice at home, and a number of other things. The kids are extremely fortunate to have Mark for their Dad, as their life is full of learning from him - even the not so desirable lessons, like how to do armpit farting - and he always seems to make it fun.
Watching Tom, I see how he puts 110% into everything, and how he is willing to try anything, and is always smiling whilst he does it. His martial arts instructor always comments on how cheerful Tom is, even if he is doing a large number of press-ups or other not very nice exercises!
Today was certainly a day of learning lessons from my boys.
It was a coincidence that we managed to get both the kids on sleepovers on Saturday night, so Mark and I took the chance to have a night out by ourselves - a date night! We ummed and aahed over what to do, and in the end decided to go out for a meal and then go for a few drinks after. We had a lovely meal at a local tandoori restaurant, and then headed off round the watering holes. I bumped into a few people from work, and a friend I haven't seen in ages, and we had a great night. It was odd just being us two, but nice too. And the added bonus -no kids to wake us up this morning!
So yesterday was a day of many lessons, from the enthusiasm of Tom, to the teaching skills of Mark and the enjoyment of a night out. This is what I love about doing this class - seeing things that maybe I take for granted or that maybe get missed in the hustle and bustle of daily life, and learning to appreciate them.


jo said...

Send Tom round here - Andy and Cal will teach him all about rugby. If he enjoys it the Kinloss Kestrels train on a Sunday morning - all age groups and abilities.

Erika said...

We could get our own little team going....glad to see Tom has the bug.