Thursday, 2 September 2010

Learning to let go...

... a little at a time. I had to smile at Shimelle's prompt this morning, to find todays lesson inside your house. It seems that I am spending alot of time inside my house at the moment, which I love - I am a potterer at heart, and a total home bird, so nothing gives me greater pleasure than being in my house! - but it's more than I used to, as I used to do the school run twice a day. The kids have been back at school 3 weeks now, and Tom has decided that being in Primary 4 means that he can walk to school without Mummy :(
I snapped the pair of them walking to school down the alley way this morning.
I must admit, I do like having a few more minutes in the day to myself, but I also miss the gossip on the playground and chatting with the other Mum's. I can't believe how much the kids are growing up, especially Tom, as I still see him as my "baby" - what do you mean he is 8???? Jemma starts High school next year, which will mean a bus ride for her - more independence, and more letting out of that leash... As long as it happens slowly and in small stages, I'll be OK - won't I?

Oh, and another lesson learned - Photoshop is not as easy to use as you think... I spent ages trying to import a photo onto a template, I think I managed it, but I can't see me taking the digital scrapbooking world by storm just yet. I think I'll just keep to the blogging for now...



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alexa said...

Mmm, you're bringing me up against the 'letting go' bit all over again... I remember those times when they set off on their own. And I had to set off on my own again, too... Hoping they're enjoying school - or has the gloss worn off after three weeks?