Friday, 3 September 2010

Best foot forward...

Shimelle's prompt this morning asked us to look at lessons learned concerning feet. Determined not to waste another glorious day sat on my backside, I decided the best thing to do was to take the prompt literally and get out and use my feet! I grabbed my camera and headed out for a walk around the village and on to the beach.

I have been wanting to make a mini book about the village where I live ever since we moved here. My friend and team mate on UKS, Monica, sent me a lovely kit for my birthday last year that she had made up, with the view that I could make a mini book about our new house. It's taken me nearly a year, but I got started on it at the beginning of the summer, but I didn't have all the photos that I needed to finish it. But those photos, although simple to take, I kept putting off. Goodness knows why. But this morning, as I walked, I snapped away, getting the photos I needed in minutes.

With that job done, I headed down to East beach, for a wander along the sand. The beach was almost deserted, apart from a young family having a picnic and a man with a dog and metal detector, I saw no one. I had a quick paddle in the sea - which was it's usual freezing temperature - and then headed to a sheltered dune to sit and contemplate the world whilst looking at the sea. Bliss.

I find the sea so relaxing, if I feel down I always take a walk down and sit and watch the waves, listening to the sounds of the sea. I love a "good blow" (as my Mum would say) - a walk in which coastal breezes blow all the cobwebs away, especially the ones in my brain! It didn't surprise me when my Dad's family history research uncovered that his Paternal ancestors were fishermen in Lincoln. It probably explains why I love swimming, and why I feel so at home by the sea. Although I am not a particularly good sailor - cross channel ferries and I do not mix well - I'd still like to go out on a fishing boat (in calm seas of course!) just to see if the fishing gene has been passed down too.

So, I learned a few things today...
  • that I have a habit of putting things off, and then when I get round to doing them I wonder why it took so long
  • that a walk along a deserted beach is possibly the best thing to do on a Friday morning
  • and that I really should get off my lazy backside more often and just go for a walk.



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