Friday, 4 February 2011

Library of Memories

I started using the Library of Memories system in 2008, and here is how I started out. I love using this system to store my pages, I love mixing the different page sizes together, and also not having to fiddle about with those pesky posts in a postbound album! I must admit, that I haven't got the whole system sorted - my photos are sort of sorted, and I don't have any category drawers, but I am finding my photos manageable at the moment. I may try again to implement the whole system again in the future.

Today, I finally got round to decorating the albums - adding the labels and prettying them up a little! And I love how they look on my shelf!

I bottled out from putting photos on the labels, just deciding to put the category name on instead.

I love organisational things like this - I long for a super organised wardrobe, and tidy cupboards - but I am just too lazy to implement them! So I am really pleased that I eventually managed to sort the albums out, and I could now sit on the stairs and stare at them forever...



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Pias Doodling said...

Wooooow! I wish I was this organized! Love the colour palette! /Pia