Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Tagged, teachers gifts, LO, cards and dodgems....

... phew, lots to do today !!!

First things first - I was tagged by Jo (thanks, I think LOL) so here goes...

What was happening 10 years ago: Hmmm, July 1998... Well we were living in Forres, I was working part time in a local petrol station, and I was trying to get pregnant LOL, which by the end of July I was ;)

5 things to do today: Just 5??? OK, pick 5 from this lot.... Pay off visa bill, washing, ironing, get some ice cream for pudding tonight, blog (!!!!), make a wedding anniversary card, sew a button on some trousers, clean the inside of the car, sort clothes for holiday....

Snacks I like: Chocolate, obviously LOL - especially Mint Aeros, Minstrels and Revels hmmmm. Oh, and I am a bit partial to Lime and Coriander poppodums ;)

What would I do if I was a millionaire: Well, seeing as we are in a married quarter, I would first go and buy a house, nice and big, with room for a designated craft room, which I would then kit out :) I would also buy myself a little car - never owned my own car before. Then, if there was any money left I would buy a small holiday home in Christchurch, New Zealand :)

Places I have lived: Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Forres, Gibraltar and Kinloss. Plus Peterborough, Doncaster, Kettering, Rotherham and Sheffield on placement during Uni.

So thats me, so now I have to tag some other people, so I choose,


Right, on to the next thing - teachers gifts :)

Nice and simple this year - buckets with a selection of goodies inside, like candles, chocolate, handcream etc. I just wrapped the buckets in sellophane and tied with ribbon. I have a couple of tags for the kids to both write on :)

Next up, a LO - I have not scrapped for over a week, which is quite unusual for me, I have enjoyed doing at least a LO a week this year, although I have completed alot more :)
Another LO for NZ vol 2 :P These seals were on rocks just off the side of the main East coast road, as we travelled from Picton to Kiakoura.
I used a pagemap from my lovely Pagemaps for scrapbooking book - this is based on page 20's map :)

I used Doodlebug papers, a scrap of white card, foam Thickers, PM page turns and brads, and some trim and a siler rimmed tag that I think came from one of the first Funky Kits kits !!

Next up a couple of cards :

First off, a wedding card for Mark's cousin whose wedding we are going to in a few weeks time :)
I used Papertrey inks "Piece of cake" set :) The card is silver, so I used white ink to stamp the cake flowers as a background, and to stamp the main cake image. Then used purple to stamp the flowers onto the cake :) I added some pearl tulip paint on the purple flowers, and some lilac organze ribbon :) The scan has not done this card justice, it looks better in real life ;)

The second card I made for my brother and sister-in-law, whose wedding anniversary is on the same day as the wedding we are attending LOL
I used a Sugar Nellie Little Cotton Rabbit stamp, as the pair of them are bunny bonkers - they have 3 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs :) I used a Studio G butterfly stamp for the border, and after watercolouring, added some Stickles to the wings :)

Well thats all the creative gumph out of the way, and seeing as my teamies over on UKS have been asking, here is a photo of me enjoying the dodgems at the Summer ball last Friday night :) Unfortunately you cannot see my dress properly, as I had my jacket on at this point - the alocohol hadn't warmed me up just then LOL

Cheerio for now, I am off on my hols on Friday, and won't be back for 3 weeks :) A bit of sunbathing in Turkey, followed by theme parks and a family wedding - plenty of photo opportunities and I am taking my holiday journal too :)




Anne C said...

Thanks for the pic Sarah:lol: great cards, LO and teachers have been busy

Paula said...

Thanks for the tag!

Fabby teacher pressies, beautiful layout (gotta get myself that book!), beautiful cards (especially those cute bunnies) and cute photo of you!!!!!!!!

Have a good holiday hun x