Friday, 13 June 2008

Scrappers block..... a bummer :(

Life has seriously got in the way the last couple of weeks - the calendar is jam packed for June, with sport competitions, scout camps, birthday parties, and end of term stuff, that I am constantly meeting myself coming back.

The huge box of photos has not helped either - I love my Photo Freedom book, but implementing the system is going to take time, although the start I have made is encouraging... But I just seem to be overwhelmed by it all. I have made a start on a LO this week, but don't seem to have the oomph to finish it off... Maybe I will over the weekend, with Mark and Tom at camp, and Jemma has a friend over for sleepover, I may just find an hour or two to get something done. I am almost out of page kits too, so I need to sit and sort some papers and sketches :) I also need to sort out a photobox order at some point too, and reorganise my LOs into my new D ring binder albums.... Can you see why I feel overwhelmed...?



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