Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Did you miss me?

I thought not....

Major, major computer problems in this house the past couple of weeks... Mark had to wipe the hard drive and rebuild the computer, and he tried to get it all done before he was due to go away for a week, but unfortunately he didn't, so that was me with no PC :( It's all back working now (obviously as I am here) but we are still having niggles, so forgive my abscences from my usual stomping grounds, I should be back to normal soon :)

BUT... it is just amazing what you can get done when you have no computer or internet to distract you....

The week Mark was away I managed to...

  • Make soup - Russian vegetable, yum
  • Make muffins - Black bottomed muffins (or chocolate cheese as we call them) double yum
  • Make and decorate the covers for my Christmas Journal
  • Write all my Christmas cards
  • Make a Christmas cake
  • Lots and lots of housework. I know. Sorry
  • Make 2 birthday cards
  • Write lists - seriously lots and lots of lists
  • Tidy out my craft room - again
  • Eat breakfast every morning - a big thing for me
  • Find a journal for my 2008 A to Z of Everyday
  • Decorate a large Doodlebug house in a Christmas stylee
  • Swear alot at above house as adhesive kept failing to stick
  • Sew numerous swimming badges on the kids swim bags
  • Draft the family Christmas letter.

Phew! And since then, I have started my Christmas Journal, finished all the christmas shopping, fed the Christmas cake with a copious amount of Brandy (*hic*), paid for my turkey and trimmings at the butchers, oh and been to work... I also reaquainted myself with my sofa and remote control. It is amazing how much of your life this box of chips and motherboards eats up LOL.

I have no pictures right now, although I will have soon, of my Christmas Journal. And I know it is late, but I will now post this years declaration....

"I declare my intention to Journal my Christmas. Writing something down everyday. Creating a little bit whenever possible. Getting my stories documented for myself and maybe for others to read too.

I hope by taking a little time each day to reflect, to write, to create, I will keep my Christmas alive and well, despite the commercial pressure that exists outside my door. Family, friends and hot beverages will help.

I may meet others taking this same journey. I may share my work from time to time. I may remember just why I loved Christmas in the first place, and that may be a very magical moment indeed. "

I am working on prompts 3 and 5 at the moment (multitasking!) and then I may share some of them. I didn't share any of last years journal, but may do so this year, maybe...

ttfn x

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Paula said...

glad to 'see' you back hun - we did miss you - but goodness you have been a busy girl!!!!!!!