Thursday, 16 August 2007

I love Bellas...

... and I have been playing!!

The top card is Prezzibella, and the second card is PMSabella LOL. These stamps are fantastic to work with, they produce lovely crisp images... hard to stamp a bad image to be honest!

I got my 12 x 6 albums in the post today, and they look fab, can't wait to start to fill them. I have been sorting through my mountain of new photos, trying to sort them into some kind of order, and failing miserably. I have a lot of my Dad, throughout the ages LOL, as I am planning a special album for his 60th birthday ( a 12x 6 :D) There are so many lovely pictures of me as a baby/toddler, and its not often you'll hear "lovely photo" and "me" in the same sentence, as I am truly the most un-photogenic person on the planet! But as a 2 yr old I was adorable, awww! So I am quite looking forward to creating some pages with those pics!

I also was a bit brave today, and went and made a slide show of my favourite layouts. I can't believe how many favourites I have LOL.


Paula said...

Love your cards!
I can so relate to PMSabella! lol!!!!!

Anne C said...

I love these..tell me more I have to have them

Melissa said...

WAW WAW WAW You rock me dear!

Love these little creations!